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Start Your Year Out Right With These Favorite Casa M Spice Co® Recipes!

Casa M Spice Co® makes it so easy with their ready made spices. I love being able to just add a little of their spices and not have to dig through my entire spice cabinet to find the right combination of spices when making a quick dish.

If you’ve noticed, I’m super picky when it comes to products and Casa M is the only company I currently create recipes for. It’s because I’m very picky, love quality and I love all of their spices.

collection of Casa M spices

Low in Sodium!

Looking for healthy lower sodium alternatives? Casa M has created a variety of delicious ready made spices that you can easily add to your dishes for maximum flavor. Low in sodium too! 80% less, with no perceivable loss in flavor.

These two Casa M Spices pictured here are my favorites – Chain Reaction and Cattle Drive.

They offer a variety of sizes as well from plastic bottles, tins and you can even get them in bulk by the pound – like I do!

Chain Reaction spice on top of a box

If you could only choose one….

Hands down, my very favorite spice of theirs is Chain Reaction because it is so versatile. I use it in just about everything – from my skillet scrambles, soups, dips, main dishes and even cookies! So if you’re looking to make your life easier, want to use less salt this year but still cook with great flavor, I highly recommend this one! But why choose just one when they have so many great ones!

Cattle Drive spice in a tin, plate of steak bites on a board

If you haven’t tried this one…

What are you waiting for??? My second favorite Casa M Spice is Cattle Drive. It is simply the best over steaks! That’s the only spice you need. Sprinkle a little over steak and grill! Cattle Drive is a great black pepper replacement too!

For my wonderful readers – Coupon Code

Casa M has generously given me a special code for 15% off Here’s the link! The claim code is 15LEMELX for 15% Off any Chain Reaction Amazon purchase through Feb 8th, 2023.

Check out six of my favorite Casa M Recipes I have created for you over the years! These are perfect to start your new year out right!

Chain Reaction spice next to a breakfast bowl on a blue checkered cloth

Spicy Skillet Casa M Breakfast Bowl

This Spicy Skillet Casa M Healthy Breakfast Bowl is a great way to start your morning. Packed full of veggies, brown rice and a little kale, eggs and bacon it’s bound to keep you full for hours. Super quick to make and you can use any vegetable you’d like, just don’t skip the Chain Reaction Spice from Casa M Spice Co®! You could also use this as a side dish as well!

vegetarian meatballs on a board with Chain Reaction spice and mushrooms and peppers

Easy Spicy Vegetarian Meatballs

These spicy vegetarian meatballs made with beans and vegetables are so good even the meat eaters will love them! Super easy to make, these tasty vegetarian meatballs are so versatile! You can serve them over zucchini noodles or pasta with a tomato based sauce, serve them alone or even turn them into unique appetizers.

These are great to have stocked in your freezer!

Avocado Chile Lime Bowl in a stainless steel bowl with fork, avocado, dressing and lettuce, peppers, cabbage in background

Avocado Chile Lime Bowl -with Guajillo Chile-Lime Vinaigrette

This Avocado Chile Lime Bowl packs a healthy flavorful punch of goodness with quinoa, pinto beans, fresh vegetables, microgreens, avocado, crunchy pepitas and a drizzle of Guajillo Chile-Lime Vinaigrette. You’re going to absolutely love it!

Cattle Drive spice in a tin, plate of steak bites on a board

Casa M Cattle Drive Air Fryer Steak Bites

Sometimes the best things in life are simple, like my Casa M Cattle Drive Air Fryer Steak Bites. These are absolutely to die for – the best steak bites ever! You can’t just have one! Slightly spicy, crispy on the outside and melts in your mouth when you bite into it – all that steak goodness is accented by the Cattle Drive Seasoning. They are so addictive!

Pinto beans in a bowl with wooden spoon, spices in background

Spicy Instant Pot Pinto Beans – No Soaking Required!

These Spicy Instant Pot Pinto Beans (no soak) were created especially for Casa M Spice Co® using their Chain Reaction Spice. (I like the uncontrolled version). They are super quick to make, high in protein. Eat them plain or use them in your favorite Mexican spiced dishes, veggies scrambles and more!

Make up a batch of these and freeze them into portions. Whenever you need a quick side dish, it’s all ready for you, just reheat and serve. Great in wraps, bowls and alone!

sour cream and Chain reaction spice

2 Quick and Easy Ways to Use Casa M Chain Reaction Spice

I saved the best and my favorite and easiest one for the last! I just had to share these easy ways I use Casa M Chain Reaction. These recipes don’t really require a “recipe” but I wanted to show you how easy it is to add pizzazz to your dishes with little effort. 

Want to see more great Casa M Recipes? Do a search on my site for Casa M and it will pull up all of the recipes I have created for them! the magnifying glass to do a search, it’s on the right hand side.


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