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10 Healthy Recipes You Need to Make Now Before the Holidays

10 Healthy Recipes You Need to Make Now - A Picture of 4 recipes

Why Do You Need to Make These 10 Healthy Recipes Now?

Because of the craziness and stress of the approaching holidays!

It’s fall, you can feel the holidays approaching fast. Furthermore, you know the craziness that will be here in just a few short weeks. Yet you feel a bit helpless, as you have some time now, but know that’s all going to change very quickly.

These food centric holidays are coming and can be a nightmare at times for those of us trying to lose weight or even maintain our weight. Most importantly, we have worked hard all year to lose weight and get in shape.  Therefore, if we don’t take this time now to make these 10 healthy recipes before the holiday season hits, it could all be for nothing.

Making these 10 healthy recipes now takes away some of the last minute decision making and stress away (and often it’s bad decision making). It helps us with what to have for dinner (and it’s healthy), what to take to a party last minute and what to serve for last minute company.

Because there is little time to cook during the holiday season, there’s more eating out and it’s the “Season of Gluttony.”

It’s called the “Season of Gluttony,” (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s). Not only do we not have time to cook healthy during this busy season, but we are flooded with endless overeating opportunities – parties, eating out, celebrations, and get togethers. The list goes on and on.  No wonder we’re worried about maintaining our weight and even gaining weight through the next few months!

Meatloaf with ketchup and bacon crumbles in mini loaf pans
Eat some now, freeze the rest for later!

What can I do now to prepare?

First of all, set aside a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon or even a weekday evening. Next, make a list of the ingredients you need, grocery shop and start working on this list.  The more you have prepped and in your freezer, the better off you’ll be when the holidays hit. By having these recipes already made, you will save a ton of time and a lot of stress!

Another easy way to start prepping is to make a double batch and plan to eat one for dinner now and freeze the other one for later. It’s so much easier to make a double batch once, than to do it several times.

By making these 10 recipes now, you’ll have some healthy treasures in your freezer and pantry for:

  • when you need a quick breakfast on the go
  • when you don’t have time to make dinner
  • when you need something quick to take to a party
  • when someone comes over at the last minute

Here are they are!

Chipotle Egg Cups in Food Saver Bags

1.  Chipotle Egg Cups

– A quick and easy breakfast for you or for any overnight guests you may have. It also makes a great lunch or dinner when paired with a cup of soup or salad. Freeze a few batches.

2.  Even Better Than Granny’s Meatloaf

– This is a great meal after shopping, just thaw out how many mini meat loaves you need, pair with a salad and dinner is served in minutes.  Freeze a few batches.

3.  Spicy Chicken Sausage

– Serve this over lettuce for a quick taco salad, over zucchini noodles or in delicata squash for a quick dinner. If you have it in the freezer, you’re also ready for my next recipe. Freeze a few batches.

Lasagna Appetizer on a tray
Use this spicy chicken sausage for a quick filling in my Lasagna Appetizers!

4.  Spicy Lasagna Appetizers

– These make a great appetizer to take with you to a holiday party. Just thaw and bake for a few minutes and you’re ready to go. It’s also great for unexpected guests who stop by as well as a great dinner with a salad. Freeze at least one batch.

5.  Scrumptious Turkey Sliders

– These are so handy to have around. They work as appetizers, lunch, or dinner. They are perfect for picky eaters and you can microwave them and have them ready in minutes. Pair with my slider buns. Grill and freeze a few batches.

6.  Chipotle Seasoning

– This is a great homemade spice to have on hand. Use it for chicken, fish, beef, turkey, vegetables and dips. It spices up everything! It also makes a great gift. Fill spice jars with it and give it away as hostess gifts.

Spicy Jalapeño Adobo Turkey Slider on a grill with Chipotle Seasoning in a glass jar
Use my homemade Chipotle seasoning (paid link) to make the sliders! The seasoning also makes a great homemade gift to give away for a hostess gift!

7.  Instant Pot Chicken

– Having cooking chicken in your freezer is like gold. You can do almost anything with it – salads, pastas, sandwiches, soups, etc. Freeze a few batches.

8. Easy Instant Pot Gourmet Chicken Cordon Bleu

– Pull this out for an elegant yet, great comfort meal. Freeze a few batches. You’ll cook the noodles the day you eat them.

9.  Caribbean Black Bean Soup

– A soup for everyone! Pair with a salad for a complete meal. Freeze into 1 cup servings so you can pull out what you need.

10.  Lentil and Bean Chili

– Great for any vegetarians that stop by and you’re not prepared. Very filling, makes a great lunch or dinner. Freeze into 1 cup servings.

Other Pantry/Freezer Staples Great to Have On Hand

Healthy Instant Pot Beef Bone broth in a glass measuring cup and packages of bone broth in background

Healthy Instant Pot Beef Bone Broth Recipe -You can use this in soups and sauces. Have it ready to go in the freezer!

Parmesan chicken broth in a large bowl with a measuring cup of broth and a vacuum sealed bag of broth on the counter from Gourmet Done Skinny

Parmesan Chicken Broth – Again have this one ready to go in the freezer. Adds a ton of flavor in an instant!

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