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My Favorite Weight Loss Tools -“This is the year, I’m going to Get My Act Together.”


Looking for some weight loss tools? Have you decided you’re going to “get your act together” this year and lose some weight? Maybe you want to lose a lot or maybe just a few pounds to get you back to goal. Or maybe you just need a reminder of how to get it together again. Sometimes all you need is a little help with planning and the right weight loss tools to keep you motivated.

My Weight Loss Journey

Three years ago on the left side of the picture, that was me! (Read my story). I was disgusted with my ever increasing weight and decided to do something about it. I joined Weight Watchers (now WW) on December 27th, 2016. I’m 5’3″ and went from 169 pounds to 129 pounds. Of course I’ve fluctuated a few pounds over the last 3 years, trying to determine my “ideal” weight for me but I’ve kept the majority of it off. 135 seems to be the perfect weight for me so that’s where I strive to be.

The new MyWW Plan is working great for me. I lost all of my weight on the Weight Watchers Smart Points Plan but struggled to maintain when they introduced Freestyle. Now I’m on the MyWW Green Plan and loving it! It’s very similar to the plan I was originally on.

Is There A Perfect Weight Loss Plan?

Of course everyone thinks they have the “perfect” plan for weight loss. I really don’t think there is a “perfect” plan. You can lose weight with almost any plan – Keto, Whole 30, intermittent fasting, Jenny Craig, WW etc. It’s finding what works best for you and keeping it off permanently and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that is the key to success.

Losing weight can be easy for some people, but it’s the maintaining that can be hard. Just remember losing weight is a journey not a destination. There will always be ups and downs depending on what’s going on in your life. You have to do what works best for you and your body. Sometimes that involves a lot of trial and error. For me what works is: WW (online), a few tools listed down below and mixing things up when I get bored with my routine.

My Favorite Weight Loss Tools

Besides the WW ap and Connect, these are my favorite weight loss tools that really help me lose weight, keep me focused and help me stay on track. You may already have most of them at home or know about them but here’s my list of favorites:

My list of tools and equipment that keep me on track:

Withings Scale

Withings Scale (paid link) – You can track your weight easily with this scale. It knows who is standing on it so it’s great for everyone in the family. It’s super easy to pull up a graph of your weight over time on your phone or computer.

Food Scale

Food Scale (paid link) – I believe this is one of the best tools for losing weight. You really have no idea how much 2 oz of chicken is, until you weigh it out. This scale is particularly useful because it’s totally flat. Weigh your bowl, tare, then add your food to discover the weight.

Meal Prep containers

Microwaveable containers for food prep (paid link) – These are great for meal prep. They hold leftovers, roasted veggies, cooked chicken and more! See my description of “sticky notes (paid link)” further down, I use these boxes along with them. Meal prep is critical for me. Having something in the freezer or fridge keeps me from binge eating on unhealthy foods.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes (paid link) – I use this size of note to put the name of the dish, “eat by date,” and sometimes the point value. Everyone in the house knows what’s in the black box, and when it’s no longer edible.

Water bottle

Water bottle with counter (paid link) – The counter part is the essential part, you slide the ring over to the next number after you finish drinking the bottle. This counter helps me drink my 64 oz of water daily. Drinking enough water is key to losing weight.

Measuring cups and spoons

Measuring Cups and Spoons (paid link) – This is the same idea as the food scale (paid link), it’s important to measure your food so you know the exact calorie/point count.

Food Saver - vacuum sealer

Food Saver (paid link) – This is a great way to freeze leftovers. I also do 1 cup packages of soups and Beef Bone Broth and Parmesan chicken broth (paid link). It’s nice to be able to have low calorie/point food anytime in freezer ready to go.

Vacuum sealer bags

Vacuum sealer bags (paid link) – I buy the pint size most often. That size works well for individual portions.

Other optional nice to have equipment:

Apple Watch

Apple Watch (paid link) or Fitbit (paid link) – I use the Apple Watch (paid link) to help me keep track of my activity and steps. It pushes me further to reach my goals.

Nordic Track treadmill

Nordic Track (paid link) 1750 – This is what I use when the weather is raining and cold in Seattle or when I want to walk super early in the morning when it’s dark. This is a nice model because you can also do Ifit with it so you can “walk in Costa Rica or France,” or anywhere the iFit programs go. Usually 1 year of IFit comes with the purchase of this Nordic Track (paid link)-check to see.

Motivational Podcasts that keep me focused:

Whys Advice Podcast – I met Mike Daggett on Connect (WW community) and have been following his podcast ever since. On his podcast he reads letters from other Weight Watchers and gives advice, support and tips about losing weight and staying on track.

I walk to his podcast every morning. Very inspirational! I often think to myself,”If that woman can lose 100 pounds with all the emotional trauma she’s dealing with, then surely I can do this too.”

Real Weight Loss for Women by Cookie Rosenblum. I occasionally listen to her podcasts. She provides a lot of insight on why we eat the way we do and why we can’t lose the weight.

It’s all about keeping things interesting and staying focued

You may find after a while that things aren’t working the way they once were. That means it’s time to change it up. Find a new tool, activity, new podcast, or new accountability partner. Keeping things interesting prevents the boredom that often creeps in. While routine is great, sometimes you need to mix it up in order to stay focused on your weight loss goals.

Time to mix it up!

This year I decided to join the gym. I lost all of my weight by eating healthy and walking but I feel I’m getting bored with the walking and now it’s time to mix it up. Also I want to focus on building up my strength. More about that journey as it progresses!

What are your favorite weight loss tools? What do you do to mix things up when you feel you are stagnating?

Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear!

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