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Level Up Your Food Prep Game: Join Our Free 5-Day Bootcamp in Late January

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Have you ever noticed that when you’re trying to create new habits, it’s all about mindset and perspective?

When talking to people about food prepping it always comes down to the three reasons why they don’t food prep:

  • No time
  • No motivation
  • It’s going to be too hard

These are things we tell ourselves but really it’s about mindset, focus and habits – and perhaps learning a new method that really motivates you.

What happens if we change our perspective about food prep and our food prep method?

Instant Pot with spinach, parmesan cheese, turkey and spatula

It always blows my mind after a few weeks into my food prep membership, how my members have come so far, makes me feel like a proud mama. 🙂

After a few weeks, my new members start posting in our Food Prep for Foodies group with comments like:

“We got home yesterday after a fun but exhausting trip. I have my teenage nephews and my daughter’s teenage friend staying for the week. That’s a total of 5 teenagers. What do teenagers do? They eat. A lot lol. But bc of food prep I pulled out chili, crack chicken and a beef sausage meal. Boiled the bags for the reheat and made some rice in my rice cooker. Done. Also found some cookies and muffins in my freezer Husband commented that the crack chicken tasted better the second time around. Easy healthy delicious meals without much prep and no extra expense and no restaurants were open anyway. Thank you Amy!!”

-Angie West

bags of gourmet crack chicken
Meals in minutes!

One of my members posted this recently in our group:

“Used the Meal Planning Guide to plan my meals for next week and put together my grocery list for a quick trip to the store this evening. Did a huge Costco run yesterday so don’t need much. One more Bingo square and so excited to have been able to say — we will eat a couple of dinner meals (and probably some lunches) from the freezer this upcoming week!” (She participated in our Bingo Board Challenge to get food ready for the holidays).

egg cups on a wire rack
Breakfast in no time!

And this one is one of my favorites! She is 83 and loves my method!

The thing that I like most about the Food Prep for Foodies Membership is that it has opened up my staid little cooking bubble to tremendous possibilities! I have been cooking since I was 22 years old and got married. When my mother told me when I was about 40 that she was really getting tired of cooking, I was shocked. But I also failed to realize that she was 70 at the time — and I now know exactly how she felt! When I hit 70 (13 years ago) I was tired of cooking, too.

So when your ideas came along, I thought I’d check it out and see if it helped. Brother, did it! I am reinvigorated, have found out my freezer is not big enough (!) but I am figuring out how to make this all work for us. It has been (and still is) fun for us both. And I’m finding out that a freezer is for stocking, and then USING, instead of just “storing for later.”

So a BIG THANKS to you, dear Amy, for your creativity and ingenuity, and for offering to share your advice and great ideas with others. You have been a lifesaver!

Ricky Herrick

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Interested in learning more about Food Prep for Foodies?

Sign up for our free 5 Day Food Prep Bootcamp coming in late January.


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