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List of 18 healthy freezer meals and foods to make when you want to stock your freezer

Picture of a freezer with homemade freezer meals in plastic boxes

Many people freak out when they think about “stocking” their freezer but to many of us home cooks and foodies, it’s a normal thing to have freezer meals and our freezer stocked with “ready made,” food. It’s nice not to have to make dinner every night and to be able to just go to your freezer and “pick out,” dinner.

What kinds of foods are in my freezer?

Well some of the items in my freezer are probably a little eccentric for many of you. I do have the staples but I also have things like pesto cubes, salsa, chipotle peppers frozen singly in adobo sauce, a bag of vegetable ends and peels for broth, as well as bags of jalapeños, serrano peppers, the list of weird things go on and on.

But I also have “normal” things in there too! Such as these freezer meals and foods:

Homemade Fresh Roasted Tomato Jalapeño Soup in a Polish pottery mug with tomatoes, jalapenos and scones
Freeze soup into 1 c. portions, then pull out what you need for lunch or dinner.

Recipe list of 18 freezer meals and foods to stock up your freezer

Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies in dough form on a baking sheet with parchment paper ready to flash freeze.
These Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies are ready to flash freeze and store in a large freezer bag. I’ll pull out a few, thaw 15 minutes, then bake as needed. I always have fresh cookies when I need them!

Other staples I keep in my freezer:

By now you’re probably wondering what size of a freezer I have! Well I do have a big one in the garage for frozen prepped food, plus a smaller one with just meat. Having owned a restaurant, I just can’t have one freezer in the house. But we could probably live out of just our garage freezer for a few months!

Chipotle Egg Cups in Food Saver Bags
Breakfast ready to go in about 1 minute!

How to actually begin to stock your freezer

It’s actually not hard. Here are a few ideas:

  • When you make a recipe, make a double batch. Eventually over time this adds up. This is what I do. If I’m getting low on soup, I make a double batch of soup, one for dinner, one for the freezer.
  • When you have a lot of vegetables that will go bad soon, throw them in a plastic bag, stick them in your freezer until you’re ready to make soup or broth.
  • Freeze your leftovers into single portions – have a little soup left in the pot, freeze it! Have a little left over Kalua Pork? Freeze it.

Important things to remember when stocking your freezer

  • Label it! I am the worst! I think I’ll remember that is soup and then later I thaw it and it’s salsa.
  • Use a food sealer (paid link) – If you really want to get serious about freezing, buy a food sealer (paid link) and use quality vacuum sealer bags (paid link) . There’s no point in freezing something long term in a typical Ziplock bag (paid link). All that hard work ends up getting freezer burn.
  • Organize – This can be hard if you don’t have a lot of space but try to keep things together so you can easily find them. Put all the soup packets in one spot, etc.
  • Freeze in portions – Even though my family eats a ton, I still freeze soup in 1 c. portions. It’s easier to just thaw out 4 portions than a whole container and nothing goes to waste. If you have guests for dinner, it’s easy just to add a few more portions.
  • Make sure to rotate your food and use up the older frozen foods first

Other helpful foods to store in your freezer

My boys love the Costco bread – the artisan type such as the country bread or parmesan bread but my husband and I don’t eat much bread. I was tired of throwing it out after they didn’t eat it all or it became moldy. Now I bring it home, slice it up, save a few pieces out and freezer seal the rest in small portions. It’s great when we have soup or need a “piece of bread.” No waste!

Need some ideas for your fridge and pantry staples?

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