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My NSVs (Non scale victories)

Oct 26, 2017

Another nsv for me today. My son and I went out for lunch. I ordered a yummy hamburger and fries. I ate 1/3 and had 10 fries. I was very full so decided I would have something light for dinner. Around 4 I was hungry so I had roasted veggies. As I was heating up the left over fries for my hubby to go along with his dinner, I ate one cold. Then I thought what am I doing? I had already decided after 10 fries at lunch that I’m done with fries for a while. They were too much. So why did I eat a cold yucky one? I decided the answer was “salt.” I whipped out a bowl, added some greens, roasted veggies and my skinny blue cheese dressing-all for 2pts. The blue cheese will satisfy my craving for salt.

Earlier today I wrote a whole entire page for my website about my tips and tricks for Weight Watcher that got me to goal. One of my go to’s are making a big batch of roasted veggies every Sunday and my Skinny Blue cheese dip. Again, those two things saved the day for me! Big NSV! Practicing what I preach-to myself!

Jan 27, 2018

This has happened many times but it makes me giggle every time. Previously when I got out of the shower and wrapped my towel around my body, I used the think, “These towels must be shrinking.” Lo and behold after losing almost 40 pounds, I now think, “No, these towels weren’t shrinking, I’m shrinking!” What a great NSV to experience every day now!

May 31st, 2018

You Never Know Where the Weight Loss Road Will Take You!

If someone would have told me how drastically my life would change while losing weight, I don’t think I would have ever believed them. Who knew while losing almost 40 pounds, I would start a new career, join a non-profit board committed to supporting weight loss, learn photography, learn how to build a website, enjoy hiking and do a live video?

Who is this person?

I always felt like I had 2 great careers in my life. I originally taught special education for 11 years, and later moved on to owning my own tea room and tea company which I eventually sold. But in 2014 a Pilate’s accident which caused a vertebral artery dissection (big name-means I tore my artery in my neck) which led to a stroke, my confidence was shaken.  I was no longer comfortable speaking in front of people. With my family and friends, I was fine but with strangers, I didn’t trust that the right words would come out or that they would make sense.

I definitely was happy to be alive though and so happy that I didn’t care what I ate. My weight sprang up to 169 pounds-my highest ever.  At that point I re-evaluated my life and priorities, sold my tea business, joined Weight Watchers and then the magic started to happen.

From the moment I started the program, I immediately felt better about myself. I think it was because I was finally taking charge and working on my weight. I took many pictures during my journey -before, during and definitely after. These really helped to motivate me along the way.  Following the plan was easier in many ways than I thought it would be.  I started walking every morning and gradually increased to 1 – 1 ½ hours a day.  My motto was, “Slow and steady, wins the race.” Around the same time, an idea began to sprout about a new business career for me.  I had always loved cooking and creating recipes. I had even written cookbooks in my tea room days. After joining Weight Watchers, I quickly realized that it takes quite a bit of time to input the recipes into, “Recipe Builder,” from Weight Watchers to determine the Freestyle Smart Points, but I wanted the food intake count to be accurate.  That gave me the idea that if I needed gourmet recipes with Freestyle Smart Points, I’m sure others would appreciate them as well and thus Gourmet Done Skinny, my recipe food blog website was born!

Around the same time I began to follow Mike Daggett (@fatdag ) on Connect and listen to, “Whys Advice,” podcast. His daily (or almost daily) podcasts motivated me to continue on. He’s the one who got me to goal. I was almost there but was looking for more motivation and his podcasts did it for me.  I became so enthralled with what he was doing and with Operation Fatdag, that I ended up joining the team.

For my new business, I began to work on my website and photography skills. I took classes and online programs and learned how to take pictures and build a website while working on creating new recipes at the same time.

In August of 2017, seven months after I started, I made goal! Such a glorious feeling! Not only had I lost weight, I had found a new purpose in life.  In January of 2018 my Gourmet Done Skinny website launched.  In March Operation Fatdag officially became a non-profit and I became a proud board member.

What a journey it has been so far! And I know it will continue to be!

The reason for this post is that today I did a Facebook Live Video. While that may not seem such a big deal for some-it truly is for me.  My confidence since having the tear and the stroke has soared tremendously.  Not only was I able to talk in front of the camera today but I didn’t feel ashamed about my body and my weight.  Losing weight has given me the confidence to do more and want more out of life so that is why it’s is such a big deal for me today.

When you take that first step and decide it’s time to take control of your weight, the world reaches out to you. Mike, reached out to me through his podcasts, my Connect family reached out to me, and I have another very special support team who reached out to me as well. All of this loving support helped me to discover myself again So for those unsure about this whole journey, just take the first step. We are all here for you! We know you can do it! Then after you take the first step, look out and watch the magic happen!

What has surprised you most about your weight loss journey?

Are you doing things you never thought you would do?

How has it increased your confidence in yourself?

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