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Healthy Tips to Help You Stay on Track with Your Weight Through the Holiday Parties

Want to avoid gaining weight over the holidays? Looking for some healthy tips to help you stay on track? Check out my healthy tips!  I don’t know about you, but now that I’ve lost all that weight and made it to goal, I really don’t want to screw it all up over the the next 2 months. I don’t want those bad habits creeping back in. Of course I want to indulge a bit, but not totally over do it. While I’m a such a foodie and look forward to the holiday season and the goodies that it brings, I don’t want to pack on an extra 10 pounds either. Let’s be mindful this holiday, focus on family, friends and health.

1.  Start with your holiday party purpose.

What is your holiday purpose with regards to weight? Are you wanting to lose weight, maintain or a little gain is ok? This helps to set your goal and mindset.

2.  Plan your party or rather “point out,” your party to the best of your ability.

  1. How many points/calories are you willing to spend on the evening/party?
  2. Think about what you really might want to eat at the party, don’t just eat to eat. Go with a purpose. If you’ve been craving dessert, then this might be the time to allow yourself a little treat. If you really want a holiday cocktail, than plan your points with that in mind.
  3. Survey the entire meal before you fill your plate. This allows you to make good choices. Try to fill up on healthy salads and vegetables.
  4. Try to limit your alcohol intake. I find if I have too many glasses of wine, then I tend to lose all motivation to stay on track and want to eat everything in sight. Don’t do that!

3. Ask yourself, do you want goal or pizza?

When tempted to eat more of something good. Ask yourself this question:  “Do I want to make goal or eat ……(example -cake)? Sometimes you do want to eat cake and that’s ok. If you’ve set out to the party, willing to spend some extra points/calories, then maybe it’s a cake day.  Just be sure not to choose “cake,” more than 20% of the time. This great little phrase came from my wonderful friend Fatdag and his podcast, “Whys Advice.”

Other Healthy Tips

If you’re trying to lose weight during the holidays and want to avoid most of the holiday goodies at a party:

  1. Plan to eat a light breakfast and a light but filling lunch such as a big salad with lots of veggies. An hour before the party eat a light healthy but filling snack.
  2. Be sure and get your water intake in before the party. This also helps to keep you full. If I have an evening celebration, I make sure I get my 64 oz of water in before I go.
  3. Choose one or two healthier items at the party. Space them out, take your time, don’t wolf them down. Eat small.

Remember, moderation is key!

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