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Items to Stock in Your Kitchen
for the GDS Meal Method


- Homemade Chipotle Seasoning (click here for the recipe)
- Bag of onions (yellow or sweet)
- Garlic
- Rice wine vinegar
- Champagne vinegar
- Honey
- Flour (white/wheat, masa, self rising, pizza flour)
- Oatmeal (dry, regular - not quick oats)
- Sugar (brown, white, turbinado)
- Variety of dried chiles (guajillo, arbol, ancho)
- Cooking spray
- Olive oil mister (click here for more info)
- Kosher salt
- A variety of spices (oregano, black pepper, chipotle powder, smoked paprika, ground cumin, garlic powder, ground coriander, cinnamon)
- Canned tomato sauce (I keep my homemade in freezer, click here for the recipe)
- Cherry tomato sauce (I keep homemade in freezer, click here for the recipe)
- Canned bone broth (I keep my homemade in freezer, click here for the recipe)
- Canned chicken broth (I keep my homemade in freezer, click here for the recipe
- Black beans (dry and canned)
- Cannellini beans (canned)
- Different types of pasta (orzo)
- Rice (brown, white, jasmine)
- Grains (farro, quinoa - I have all my bread grains: hard spring wheat, einkorn) 
- Oil (olive oil, sesame oil, avocado oil)
- Green chilies
- Chilies in adobo sauce
- Canned tomatoes
- Canned corn

Freezer Staples

- Tomato sauce (click here for the recipe)
- Cherry tomato sauce (click here for the recipe)
- Bone broth (click here for the recipe)
- Chicken broth (click here for the recipe
- Grilled chicken, cooked, chopped, frozen (click here for the recipe
- Homemade pesto (click here for the recipe)
- Homemade BBQ sauce (click here for the recipe)
- Homemade hoisin sauce (click here for the recipe
- Tortillas (click here for the recipe)
- Fresh fruits like blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries from the farmer's market, frozen
- Freezer Foods Already Made
- Meatloaf (click here for the recipe)
- Lasagna
- A variety of soups (Chicken NoodleMexican Beef and BaconChipotle Chicken Tortilla Soup)
- Turkey burgers (Scrumptious Turkey BurgersHealthy Jalapeño Adobo Turkey Sliders)
- Vegetarian meatballs (Spicy Vegetarian Meatballs)
- Enchiladas
- Cookie dough into balls, ready to bake (Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies)
-Apple Dumplings (Healthier Homemade Apple Dumplings)
- Caramelized onions


- A variety of vegetables (this varies by the season: mushrooms, asparagus, green beans, red and yellow peppers)
- Fresh ginger
- A variety of cheeses (shredded cheddar, parmesan, buratta, crumbled blue cheese)
- Limes and lemons
- Spring mix (I really hate washing and preparing lettuce so I buy the spring mix)
- A variety of condiments (light mayo, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, Sriracha, soy sauce)
- Unsalted butter
- Tomatoes (I personally don’t keep these in the refrigerator, but you can)

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